Giving (A Math Teacher’s Gift-click to watch video)

“Gurus seek wisdom inside themselves, pilgrims look outward (and to others) for inspiration” Paul Elie

This week at meditation we watched how this math teacher connects with the world through giving of his time and affection. In meditation we seek peace and appreciation for the present moment by sitting quitely. In life we practice bringing that peace to the people we meet. I set up a time for us to go to the local homeless shelter to cook and serve a meal together.

A meditative exercise from Jon Kabat-Zinn that helps us to pay attention to what we are doing and experiencing moment to moment…

Each person gets 3 raisins and takes the time to eat each one by first really looking closely seeing the color and then feeling the texture, appreciating any thoughts that arise about raisins or food in general, then smell the raisin, then bringing it to the lips we are aware of the movement of the muscles and salivation and the anticipation of ingesting the raisin. Then we slowly chew the raisin and observe the impulse to swallow. Once it is ingested sensing any increased heaviness or fullness. Are you ready to gobble the other 2 raisins now?!

Obviously this is the slowest, most thoughtful raisin ingestion ever, and it is designed for us to begin to take time to appreciate the experiences of simple pleasures in our lives:)