Look Up

Put down the phone and connect with one another! Life is happening, take part.

Our good friend Jessy is currently working on her Masters degree in social work. This of course does not surprise us a bit as we have grown and evolved together since our college days, and watched her awareness and compassion grow. Jessy is now constantly introducing us to new great ideas which she has discovered on this new adventure. One of these is http://www.trackyourhappiness.org/. Basically it is a data collection through text message that allows you to look at the correlation between your happiness and several factors throughout your day. The spoken word video shared above suggests that often our happiest moments are when we are connected to other people. Jamie had learned through using this tool that, quite shockingly to him, his most happy times are in fact at the coffee shop just spending time with friends and family. If you asked anyone (inclduing Jamie) they would have told you Jamie’s happiest moments were of course on his bike. The irony of this obviously is that to “Track Your Happiness” it does indeed involve a smart phone. . . . Perhaps one of next posts should include balance.


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