For the past 2 and a half months we have been blessed to have a beautiful foster baby in our home. She has been a true pleasure and she has enriched our lives in countless ways. We are now facing the very real possibility of her being taken from our home and placed with some of her blood relatives. Not having her with us in almost unthinkable after growing to love her, but that is what we now face. Leah and I have decided and we continue to remind one another to savor each day and each moment we have with her and to try our best not to focus on the potential future pain. The immediacy of this situation probably translates well to the rest of our lives. Lets live for today and not tomorrow for who knows what tomorrow holds. Right now, at this very moment there is a beautiful baby sleeping contentedly in the next room. The greatest gift we can give her or anyone in our lives is our love today, and if we get the chance tomorrow, we’ll do it again!


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