The Happy Secret

What do you see when you look around your home or workplace? Projects that need to be completed, unfullfilled desires, frustrations? We can train our brains to be happier, less stressed, to see more beauty and experience more joy. What are you waiting for?


Git ‘er done! (without the stress)

Gitting Shit Done (click the attached link)

To have a happy, low stress life do we have to sit under a tree and meditate all day? Not very practical, or productive. Scott Weingart is an Emergency Medicine Physician whose EMCRIT blog synthesizes research on new trends in Emergency and Critical Care Medicine. In this podcast he talks about his method of being productive and at the same time keeping his mind free from clutter. He thinks this helps him be creative, think clearly and be happier. Scott’s system is based on Getting Things Done by David Allen. Maybe this podcast will help you devise your own system for being productive, but not wasting time and energy stressing about all the things you need to do. Good luck!