Philosophy of Kindness

Amazing Nurse (click video link)

“This is my simple religion. There is no need for temples; no need for complicated philosophy. Our own brain our own heart is our temple; the philosophy is kindness.”
The Dalai Lama

In school to become healthcare providers we study medications, procedures and disease pathologies and their effects on the body. It seems the much greater impact can be made through kindness and human connection. The hospice movement is starting to prove the efficacy of kindness and compassion. A growing number of cancer patients who forgo curative medical care and seek palliative care, are finding their lives are not only better, but longer! (read “Being Mortal” by Atul Gawande to learn more)

My awesome wife Leah recently won the Daisy Award for excellence in nursing. The DAISY Award recognizes the extraordinary compassion and care exhibited by nurses everyday. Much like the nurse in this video Leah recognizes that her work is about more than addressing her patient’s medical needs. Her patient’s have nominated her for this award many times for the kindness, patience and the compassion she has shown them. Very well deserved:)


Giftism (Reshaping our worldview)

My 2 year old nephew already has a powerfull sence of what is his. He is becoming increasing reluctant to share. This reluctance keeps him from the joys of playing with other kids. This may be a trait that many children his age share, but I see it as a symptom of what we are teaching him. We exist in an economic and social system that has us go it alone for the goal of aquisition of stuff, and I believe the results are isolation and depression. Pavi Mehta has an amazing idea that could help to bring us all a lot closer and bring more joy into our lives.

The Happy Secret

What do you see when you look around your home or workplace? Projects that need to be completed, unfullfilled desires, frustrations? We can train our brains to be happier, less stressed, to see more beauty and experience more joy. What are you waiting for?

Git ‘er done! (without the stress)

Gitting Shit Done (click the attached link)

To have a happy, low stress life do we have to sit under a tree and meditate all day? Not very practical, or productive. Scott Weingart is an Emergency Medicine Physician whose EMCRIT blog synthesizes research on new trends in Emergency and Critical Care Medicine. In this podcast he talks about his method of being productive and at the same time keeping his mind free from clutter. He thinks this helps him be creative, think clearly and be happier. Scott’s system is based on Getting Things Done by David Allen. Maybe this podcast will help you devise your own system for being productive, but not wasting time and energy stressing about all the things you need to do. Good luck!




For the past 2 and a half months we have been blessed to have a beautiful foster baby in our home. She has been a true pleasure and she has enriched our lives in countless ways. We are now facing the very real possibility of her being taken from our home and placed with some of her blood relatives. Not having her with us in almost unthinkable after growing to love her, but that is what we now face. Leah and I have decided and we continue to remind one another to savor each day and each moment we have with her and to try our best not to focus on the potential future pain. The immediacy of this situation probably translates well to the rest of our lives. Lets live for today and not tomorrow for who knows what tomorrow holds. Right now, at this very moment there is a beautiful baby sleeping contentedly in the next room. The greatest gift we can give her or anyone in our lives is our love today, and if we get the chance tomorrow, we’ll do it again!

Look Up


Put down the phone and connect with one another! Life is happening, take part.

Our good friend Jessy is currently working on her Masters degree in social work. This of course does not surprise us a bit as we have grown and evolved together since our college days, and watched her awareness and compassion grow. Jessy is now constantly introducing us to new great ideas which she has discovered on this new adventure. One of these is Basically it is a data collection through text message that allows you to look at the correlation between your happiness and several factors throughout your day. The spoken word video shared above suggests that often our happiest moments are when we are connected to other people. Jamie had learned through using this tool that, quite shockingly to him, his most happy times are in fact at the coffee shop just spending time with friends and family. If you asked anyone (inclduing Jamie) they would have told you Jamie’s happiest moments were of course on his bike. The irony of this obviously is that to “Track Your Happiness” it does indeed involve a smart phone. . . . Perhaps one of next posts should include balance.